2017 Summer Tournament - Open December 2016

Venue - Action Indoor Sports Buchanans Road Year 6, St Andrews Nets Y7, CBHS Nets Y8, Girls Burnside West University Cricket Club Nets.


Year 6 - 12th February 10am, 11am & 12noon - Action Indoor Sports, Buchanans Road

Year 7 - 12th February 1pm, 2pm & 3pm - St Andrews Nets

Year 8 - 12th February 2pm, 3pm & 4pm - CBHS Nets (TBC)


Years 5/6 - 12th February 10am - Burnside West University Cricket Club Nets

Years 7/8 - 12th February 11am - Burnside West University Cricket Club Nets

CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE (please note that nominations are CLOSED for all but Girls trial - Girls if you wish to trial please email

These 'trials' are using a net trial format for the Summer Tournament. As usual each trial will last one hour where every player will have time batting, bowling and keeping (if requested). The intention will be to select up to eight teams of 9 to 12 players. These will be even team for the new Yr 6 group and split into Development and Emerging teams for Yr 7 and 8 (depending on the numbers nominated).

The girls will normally select up to 4 teams of Y7/8 players and up to 4 of Y5/6 players.

Players listed with trial dates and times are displayed below for the CJCA Summer Tournament. Tournament dates are HERE

No other communication will be provided to players for the following trial, so players / parents should diarise these dates & times. If you need to change the nomination time then please contact Rob Wilkinson on . DO NOT just nominate yourselves again as that will just create multiple nominations. 

Players are asked to bring their cricket gear, wear cricket clothing and be available at least 10 minutes prior to their time. Designated wicket keepers should arrange to bring pads and gloves.



Trials for the next CJCA SPRING Tournament start Sunday continue Tuesday/Wednesday

see HERE for the dates. 


These 'trials' will be using a net trial format for the Spring Tournament. As usual each trial will last one hour when every player will have time batting, bowling and keeping (if requested).

The intention will be to select up to eight teams of 9 to 12 players.

These will be even teams for the new Yr 6 group but split into Development and Emerging teams for the Yr 7 and 8 groups (depending on the numbers nominated).

PLEASE ENSURE YOU ENTER THE NAME AS John Smith (not all lower or upper case) when completing the Nomination form or it will appear like that on your certificate of participation. Please enter the actual school year for the time of the tournament. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you complete both pages of the nomination form. The second page appears when you click 'Next' at the bottom of the first page. The second will show you the time slots still available but, if all are full, it will alert us that someone wanted to be nominated but the times were all full and we will contact you by email. If, for some unknown reason, the second page does not come up, please try completing the first page once more and if that fails contact me by email (details below).

All eligible players nominated will be included and selections will only be made from players that have trialled (unless special circumstances apply). Nominations close from 5pm on the Friday prior to the trials, this enables the trial sheets to be prepared. Unless the trials are at capacity we will not turn anyone away, so contact Rob Wilkinson (see below) if you are having any problems.

Sessions of 1 hour duration will be held at a venue to be confirmed 

A tournament fee of $40 for Boys and $30 for Girls will be payable prior to the start of the Tournament.  PAYMENTS NOT RECEIVED BY THE FIRST PLAYING DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT WILL INCUR A $10 LATE PAYMENT FEE AND INVOICES WILL BE SENT IF UNPAID.

2016 Session Dates and Times:

Boys Year 6        : Sunday 16th October 12.00 - 4.00 pm at Community Cricket Centre, Buchanans Road, Hornby


Boys Year 7       : Sunday 16th October 4.00pm - 7.00pm  at Community Cricket Centre, Buchanans Road, Hornby

Boys Year 8       : Thursday 20th October 4.30pm - 7.30pm  at Community Cricket Centre, Buchanans Road, Hornby  

Girls                   :  Tuesday 18th October 4.30pm - 6.30pm at Community Cricket Centre, Buchanans Road, Hornby 

NOTE Girls moving into Y9 can play in this tournament but do need to choose Y8 when completing the form. This is the last CJCA tournament that they can compete in.    


See the trials page for individual trial times. 


If you have any problems with your availability to trial or take part in any of the scheduled tournament days or if you are able to assist with helping us manage the trials or tournament, then please make notes in the comments field of the nomination form.

Alternatively, please contact Rob Wilkinson, or ph 281 8748 or 027 6644999.


Year 6 Boys

12/02/2017 10:00 a.m.
Thomas Bird
Cooper Davanney
Jonty Davidson
Charlie Doody
Sebastian Enoka
Taylor Fahey
Oliver Farrelly
Samuel Ferguson
Seamus Gallagher
Blaine Gosney
Ben Hooker
Vivek Lallu
Alex MacLennan
Mason McClure
Mac McLaughlin-Forbes
Jack Norris
Christopher Pickles
Milo Pritchard
Raj Ravji
Carter Rhodes
Callum Samson
Alex Smith
Jackson Smith
Jed Smith
Toby Smith
Hugo Smolej
Ethan Spanjer
Solomon Spanton
Ben Stewart
Thomas Stewart
Riley Sutherland
Patrick Watts
12/02/2017 11:00 a.m.
Lucas Baines
Harry Beaglehole
Felix Bowden
Ben Brokenshire
Matthew Brown
Connor Carroll
Paddy Cochran
Will Davis
Joshua Durant
Angus Eglinton
Luca Greasley
Liam Hackston
Felix Huston
Benjamin Laing
Hamish Lindsay
Taine Macgregor
Cameron Mason
Brennan Matla
Connor McKey
Finn McLeod
Hamish Meates
Lucas Minehan
James Moss
Brooke Nuttall
Henry Rumball
Bradley Salkeld
Tyler Salkeld
Thomas Vesty
Alex Walls
Joshua Wedlake
Fergus West
Oliver Williams
12/02/2017 12:00 p.m.
Oliver Alexander-Stewart
Trent Andrew
Keegan Arlidge
Luc Baudet
luke baxter
Dan Beck
Matt Beck
Max Burford
Nicholas Fraher
Luke Gallagher
Jackson Garry
Will Haig
Noah Harmer-Campbell
Lachie Hunter
Jack Johnston
Jack Jones
Finn McCormack Young
Ollie Nicholson
James O'Hagan
Rohitash Rai
Thomas Rawstron
Jack Rhodes
Samuel Richards
Nicholas Sharr
Guy Sherry
Austin Smith
Lewis Taylor
Kadin Thomason
Tom Turner
Harry Vaughan
Gabriel Wallace
Jae Williams

Year 7 Boys

12/02/2017 1:00 p.m.
Harry Boyle
Matthew Buchan
Campbell Buck
Charlie Croy
Harry Croy
Max Edwards
Harjot Gill
Jonty Inglis
Benjamin Irvine
Finn Kerr
Hapene Kumeroa
Thomas Langdon
Fletcher Leigh
George Male
Shamus McCulloch
Jonty Munt
Damon Noakes
Bradley Prescott
Elliott Price
Murphy Robinson
George Ryan
Ryan Samson
Joshua Sanders
Toby Shaw
Connor Stewart
Hunter Stewart
Aaryan Thakur
Brad Thorn
Thomas Tracey
Ben Trillo
Harry Tullett
JohnHenri Turner
Madoc Wiltshire
William Woods
12/02/2017 2:00 p.m.
Seth Allen
Tom Anderson
Alex Boot
Jonty Bowman
Fraser Brown
Jackson Bunting
Louie Campion
Will Coombes
Bruno Davies
Robbie de Cuevas
Harry Eastwick
Nick Ferguson
Josh Finlayson
Jacob Frost
Tom Geesink
Christian Gilbert
Rory Grove
Max Hammett
Finn Hanrahan
Jack Hart
Connor Higgs
Cameron Howison
Thomas Johnson
Seth Matheson
George McFaull
Matthew Munro
Nate Ovendale
Joey Pawson
William Russell
Cameron Shearman
Mitchell Tait
Sean Whitty
Logan Yates
12/02/2017 3:00 p.m.
Connor Arnold
Finn Arnold
Flynn Bainbridge
Xavier Bell
Nicholas Brown
Tom Butterfield
Blake Chambers-Don
Oliver Collins
Sam Crossland
Darcy Dougherty
Jack Dry
Chris Ellison
Ben Evans
Louis Hamilton
Kaine Hartley
Dominic Hasselberg
Harry Hatton
Fraser Hendry
Charlie Hoban
Sam Jaspersmith
Ed Leonard
Stefan Marasinghe
Seb May
Max Mitchell
Edwin Newcombe Rogers
Finn O'Donnell
Adam Panckhurst
Alex Rippin
Nick Smith
Will Ullrich
Muhammed Usman
Lewis Whiteside
Angus Wilson
Benjamin Wright

Year 8 Boys

12/02/2017 2:00 p.m.
Joshua Beaglehole
Jordan Braithwaite
Benjamin Breitmeyer
Alex Brown
Sam Cartwright
Jack Coles
Dallas Crowe
Hugh Duston
Charlie Eglinton
Jonty Foote
Nicholas Gibb
Jed Gimblett
Kalani Griffiths
Oakley Hawes
Zach Hedgcock
Samuel Charles Hickey
Zack Howe
Zachary Johnston
Matthew Langdon
Sam MacDonald
Isaac Milne
John O'Callaghan
Cameron Rawlings
Mario Raxworthy
George Roberts - Hubers
Flynn Sharp
Brodie Sinclair
Riley Smith
Easton Stocks
Rhys Thyne
Liam Tohill
William Watts
Caleb Webb
12/02/2017 3:00 p.m.
Jack Ackroyd
Mahith Balapuwaduge
Zak Buist
Cameron Bunz
Abhisekh Chand
Ed Cochran
Max Coltman
Ben Cox
Hamish Falls-Anderson
Joshua Foleni
Theo Friend
Mackenzie Gilmore
Tom Harrison
Brodie Hemingway
Hamish Judd
Josh Kenny
Callum Lockhart
Bryce Lukey
Benjamin Mason
Oliver Mather
Robert McClean
Jesse McClimont
Charlie McDonald
James McNicholl
Liam Nind
Ben O'Donovan
Isaac Peckham
Josh Persico
Adam Redway
James Scott
Alex Speight
Kevin Thiele
Carter Trillo
12/02/2017 4:00 p.m.
Levi Astle
Jacob Clements
Cameron Craik
Jake Dickey
Luka Fields
Jackson Foster
Conor Fyall
Gabriel Gallaway
Thomas Hart
Wilson Hatton
Toby Hull
Ciaran Huntley
Noah Kember
Toby Kennedy
Gus Knutson
Matthew Lewis
Alex Marquet
Thomas Mccullough
Liam Mcmorran
George Mounce
Hamish Norrie
Finn OSullivan
Archie Ovens
Hugh Parkes
Sam Prasad
Fergus Rutledge
Tim Seeto
Harry Sharr
Blair Skudder
Spencer Smith
Harrison Watkins
Thimeth Wijesinghe

Year 5 Girls

12/02/2017 10:00 a.m.
Annabel Allen
Matilda Cox
Emily Dickey
Henrietta Evatt
Piper Karras
Summer Karras
Millie Mahendran
Holly Mitchell
Aine Molony
Olivia Paul
Lucy Ryan
Millie Spear
Isabella Tullett
Ruby Turner
Lily Young

Year 6 Girls

12/02/2017 10:00 a.m.
Scarlett Amos
Isabel Brooks
Theresa Johnston
Grace McGregor
Eden Nuttall
Sienna Peckham
Zoe Pierce
Addison Stackhouse
Anwen Williams

Year 7 Girls

12/02/2017 11:00 a.m.
Katelyn Abbott
Ella Bussey-Timo
Eve Doocey
Rebecca Doocey
Sophie George
Ella Gibson
Maia Grant
Hester Lukey
Darcy Rose Prasad
Bella Reddecliffe
Greer Richards
Alexandria Sidwell
Phoebe Spear
Rebecca Stanley
Trinity Wright

Year 8 Girls

12/02/2017 11:00 a.m.
Harriet Fletcher
Abigail Hotton
Boadicea Lynch
Amelie McArthur
Niamh McKenzie
Abby McKissock
Alysia Ono
Dakoda Potter
Hanna Smith
Bella Spear
Molly Stagg
Hannah Stanley
Amelia Tainui
Alana Topping
Estella Wallace

If you have completed a nomination your name does not appear in the table please contact Barry Hazeldine by email or phone 356 1991.