Black Caps

Blackcaps - over 30 in total 

Those who have played in this Tournament and gone on to represent New Zealand Cricket in Internationals are listed below. With 47 tournaments to date (and if you discount the last 8 tournaments as being too early to produce a Black Cap) then the tournament has produced 33 Black Caps from 39 Tournaments - meaning on average over 80% of tournaments produce a Black Cap.

Player profiles for the following players can be found here

  • Nathan Astle (Christchurch)
  • Tony Blain (Nelson)
  • Bruce Blair (Otago)
  • Shane Bond (Christchurch)
  • Neil Broom (Christchurch)
  • Vaughan Brown (Christchurch)
  • Chris Cairns (Otago & Christchurch)
  • Craig Cumming (South Canterbury)
  • Mark Douglas (Nelson)
  • Jock Edwards (Nelson)
  • Stephen Fleming (Christchurch)
  • Peter Fulton (Canterbury Country)
  • Lee Germon (Christchurch)
  • Sir Richard Hadlee (Christchurch)
  • Chris Harris (Christchurch)
  • Blair Hartland (Christchurch)
  • Llorne Howell (Christchurch)
  • Andrew Jones (Nelson)
  • Warren Lees (Otago)
  • Brendan McCullum (Dunedin Metro)
  • Brian McKechnie (Southland)
  • Craig McMillian (Christchurch)
  • Darrin Murray (Nelson)
  • Michael Papps (Christchurch)
  • Richard Petrie (Christchurch)
  • Mark Priest (Christchurch)
  • Stu Roberts (Christchurch)
  • Ken Rutherford (Otago)
  • David Sewell (North Otago)
  • Gary Stead (Christchurch)
  • Jeff Wilson (Southland)
  • Shanan Stewart (Canterbury Country)
  • John Wright (North Canterbury)