Winter Training

2017 Winter Training Programme - registration NOT OPEN UNTIL JUNE!!

Please note that the Winter Training Programme for 2017 HAS YET TO BE CONFIRMED IN TERMS OF LOCATION OR COST - do not make any payments to the CJCA yet.


Welcome to the Winter Training Programme, available to players who competed in the last Summer Tournament (Feb 2017). Please read ALL of the notes on this page as they are important to ensure the system works smoothly.

If you wish to register you need to complete the form available through this link CLICK HERE

Please note that details entered in this form will be used to contact you regarding cricket related matters throughout the year. Please note that the coaches may use video equipment to show players what they are doing correctly and where adjustments are needed. If you DO NOT want your child to be videoed then you must inform the CJCA and also advise their winter training coach.

Squads available - Target of 16 players per squad. Two professional coaches will be provided for all sessions and we will ask parents to volunteer to assist them and also gain a great experience by working with the professionals. The volunteer coaches will not be needed for the Sunday Yr 8 sessions as there are 4 professional coaches involved. The aim for all other squads is two professional ad two qualified parent coaches.

Where there are multiple groups on the same day we will only open one session at a time, as we want them to be full. We will start with the earliest one each day for the Yr 6 and 7 squads.

Year 6

Sunday 21/8 to 25/9: Red - TBC 10 - 11.30am and Black TBC 11.30 - 1pm
Saturday 20/8 to 24/9: White - TBC 2 - 3.30pm and Blue TBC 3.30 - 5pm

Year 7
Sunday 21/8 to 25/9: Red - TBC 1.30 - 3pm, Black - TBC -  3 - 4.30pm and White - TBC - 3 - 4.30pm
Saturday 20/8 to 24/9: TBC - Blue - 2 - 3.30pm

Year 8
Saturday 20/8 to 24/9: TBC White - 3.30 - 5pm

Sunday 21/8 to 25/9: TBC Blue - 3 - 4.30pm

Year 8 (Invited Squads)
Sunday 7/8 to 25/9: Red - 10 - 11.30am and Black - TBC 11.30 - 1pm 

Girls (Yrs 5 to 8)
Sunday 21/8 to 25/9: Girls - TBC 1.30 - 3pm

Squads stay together for all sessions which take place at WEEKLY intervals. We have a maximum of 4 squads per year group for the boys and 1 covering all the girls. 

Two of the Yr 8 squads have been selected and players invited to attend. The White Squad is available for any other Yr 8 tournament player to register. Please note that ANY Yr 8 player will be considered for future selection into Development or Representative teams next season - this has NOT been pre-determined by the selection of these squads.

Registrations will close when all the available slots are full or by 1st August at the latest. It is unlikely that other sessions will be offered but this depends on player demand, coach availability and use of the Lincoln facility. 


To confirm your place the correct payment is required within 3 working days of making your registration and no later than 3rd August for those registering on the last date of 1st August.

The cost is as follows:

Boys Yrs 6 to 8 and Girls - TBC

Boys Yr 8 into the 'selected Red and Black' Sunday squads - TBC

This should be made using internet banking to the following account:

Account Name - CJCA
Account Number - 06 0665 0202125 00
Amount - see above
To appear on Payee Statement; 1. Particulars = Players Name (as full as possible) 2. Code = School Year 3. Reference = Wint Train

If you CANNOT use internet banking, a cheque payable to 'CJCA' can be sent to CJCA, PO Box 36701, Merivale, Christchurch 8140. Please write the players name and school year on the reverse of the cheque.


Please email if you have any difficulties with this as we do not want any player to miss out due to the cost involved.

Any changes to a different session time WILL NOT be accepted unless you email CJCA on  and confirm the reason for the change. The original sessions chosen will stand unless agreed by email exchange. We need to cancel the original session before another is chosen or the same player will be taking up two slots and stopping another player from attending.

Please also note the following;
1. Wear cricket whites or club gear. Gear bags should be brought to all sessions unless advised otherwise. Helmets must be worn whilst batting or keeping. 
2. Always bring a drink and snack.
3. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your session starts.
4. If you know someone in the group, try and arrange to share lifts.
5. Let your coach or CJCA know if you are unable to attend any of the sessions.
6. Non marking footwear must be worn.
7. Please attend with a view to listen, learn and have fun
8. Please note that the coaches will use video equipment to show players what they are doing right and wrong. If you DO NOT want your child to be videoed then you must inform CJCA and their winter training coach

Parents volunteering to assist with the coaching
If you have offered to assist with the training then you will receive an email confirming which dates you need to attend. NO OTHER reminder will be sent to you. We only need a few volunteer coaches for each year group and the Year Managers will select those that are to be asked. We try and use those that help coach the teams at the CJCA tournaments and Rep games so they can get more experience. Please do offer your services but don't take it personally if you are not required.