Winter Training Registrations

Winter Training for 2017 - ALL DETAILS YET TO BE CONFIRMED 

Please refer to the Winter Training page of the website for all the details needed to decide if you want to take part in the CJCA Winter Training. If you do register then your name will appear on this page in the chosen squad but will not be completed until the payment has ben received.  


To confirm your place the correct payment is required within 3 working days of making your registration and no later than 4th August for those registering on the last date of 1st August.

The cost is as follows:

Boys Yrs 6 to 8 and Girls - TBC for 2017 OR

Boys Yr 8 into the selected Sunday squads - TBC for 2017

This should be made using internet banking to the following account:

Account Name - CJCA
Account Number - 06 0665 0202125 00
Amount - see above
To appear on Payee Statement; 1. Particulars = Players Name (as full as possible) 2. Code = School Year 3. Reference = Wint Train

If you CANNOT use internet banking, a cheque payable to 'CJCA' can be sent to CJCA, PO Box 36701, Mervale, Chch 8140. Please write the players name and school year on the reverse of the cheque.


Please email if you have any difficulties with this as we do not want any player to miss out due to the cost involved.

Any changes to a different session time WILL NOT be accepted unless you email CJCA on mailto:  confirm the reason for the change. The original sessions chosen will stand unless agreed by email exchange. We need to cancel the original session before another is chosen or the same player will be taking up two slots and stopping another player from attending.

Please also note the following;
1. Wear cricket whites. Gear bags should be brought to all sessions unless advised otherwise. Helmets must be worn whilst batting or keeping.  
2. Always bring a drink and snack.
3. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your session starts.
4. If you know someone in the group, try and arrange to share lifts.
5. Let your coach or CJCA if you are unable to attend any of the sessions.
6. Non marking footwear must be worn.
7. Please attend with a view to listen, learn and have fun
8. Please note that the coaches will use video equipment to show players what they are doing right and wrong. If you DO NOT want your child to be videoed then you must inform CJCA and their winter training coach

Parents volunteering to assist with the coaching
If you have offered to assist with the training then you will receive an email confirming which dates you need to attend. NO OTHER reminder will be sent to you. We only need a few volunteer coaches for each year group and the Year Managers will select those that are to be asked. We try and use those that help coach the teams at the CJCA tournaments and Rep games so they can get more experience. Please do offer your services but don't take it personally if you are not required. 

Use these quick links to take you to your age group and gender.

Year 5 Girls
Year 6 Girls
Year 7 Girls
Year 8 Girls
Year 6 Boys
Year 7 Boys
Year 8 Boys

Year 6 Boys

  • RED Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 10-11.30

    Benji Irvine

    Bruno Davies

    Christopher Ellison

    Connor Higgs

    Dominic Hasselberg

    Dominic Knill

    Joey Pawson

    Jonty Munt

    Josh Hardy

    Kaine Hartley

    Louis Hamilton

    Max Edwards

    Max Mitchell

    Nick Smith

    Oscar Wells-Swann

    Will Coombes

  • WHITE Sat 20/8 for 6 wks 2-3.30

    Adam Panckhurst

    Ben Trillo

    Charlie Croy

    Charlie Dalling

    Flynn Bainbridge

    Fraser Brown

    Harry Croy

    Jack Hollingworth

    Jonty Inglis

    Mitchell Corkery

    Murphy Robinson

    Nate Ovendale

    Sam Jaspersmith

    Sean Whitty

    Toby Shaw

    William Russell

  • BLACK Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 11.30-1

    Art Aitken

    Ben Evans

    Bradley Prescott

    Charlie Hoban

    Connor Stewart

    Faraj sadat Abbasi

    Finn O'Donnell

    Harjot Gill

    Harry Hatton

    Hunter Stewart

    Jacob Frost

    Madoc Wiltshire


    Shamus McCulloch

    Thomas Langdon

    William Woods

  • BLUE Sat 20/8 for 6 wks 3.30-5

    George Pearse

    Jack Dry

    Jonty Bowman

    Lewis Whiteside

    Logan Barnes

    Logan Yates

    Mitchell Tait

    Monty MacAlpine

    Noah Barrett

    Ryan Samson

    Sam Crossland

    Seb May

    Tom Anderson

    Tom Butterfield

    Tom Hearn

    Will Ullrich

Year 7 Boys

  • RED Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 1.30-3

    Ben Cox

    Ben Donaldson

    Ben O'Donovan

    Benjamin Breitmeyer

    Caleb Webb

    Dallas Crowe

    Hamish Falls-Anderson

    Hugh Duston

    Jacob Walters

    Jonty Foote

    Josh Kenny

    Joshua Foleni

    Levi Astle

    Nicholas Gibb

    Oakley Hawes

    Rhys Thyne

    Robert McClean

  • BLUE Sat 20/8 for 6 wks 2-3.30

    Adam Redway

    Alex Brown

    Alex Speight

    Archie Ovens

    Benjamin Scott

    Cameron Bunz

    Carter Trillo

    Easton Stocks

    Finn OSullivan

    George Lee

    Hugh Parkes

    Isaac Milne

    Kevin Thiele

    Sebastian Wilson

    Theo Friend

    Tram O'callaghan

    William Watts

    Wilson Hatton

  • BLACK Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 3-4.30

    Benjamin Mason

    Brodie Hemingway

    Charlie Eglinton

    Ed Cochran

    Hamish Judd

    Harry Sharr

    James Hoole

    Liam McMorran

    Liam Mytton

    Liam Nind

    Liam Tohill

    Mackenzie Gilmore

    Matthew Lewis

    Valair Cowan

    William Mason

    Zack Howe

    Zakary Buist

  • WHITE Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 3-4.30 (max 8 spaces)

    Bryce Lukey

    Ciaran Huntley

    Jacob Clements

    Jake Dickey

    James Grayling

    Jesse McClimont

    Kalani Griffiths

    Zach Hedgcock

Year 8 Boys

  • WHITE Sat 20/8 for 6 wks 3.30-5

    Adam Poumaka

    Ben MacLennan

    Ben Panckhurst

    Cameron Baillie

    Connor McLaughlin

    Cory Hanrahan

    George Burrowes

    Harry Webley

    Jacob Bhatia

    Lachie Shankland

    Logan McGregor

    Mika MacDonald

    Oliver Smith

    Roan Brown

    Ryan Hotop

    Thomas Whitty

    Will Kenny

  • RED Sun 7/8 for 8 wks 10-11.30

    Caleb Manson

    Charlie Swan

    Harrison Bisphan

    Jack Harding

    Jackson Rhodes

    Jaden Houghton

    Jago Godden

    James White

    Jonathan Lee

    Lachlan Cartwright

    Quinn Smith

    Rocco O'Loughlin

    Sam Dickie

    Sam Idiens

    Sam Whitaker

    Tom Smith

    William Pierce

  • BLACK Sun 7/8 for 8 wks 11:30-1pm

    Ben Hanrahan

    Caleb Heyns

    Harry Forrest

    Hugh Fergusson

    Hugh Quirk

    Jaeden Hooper

    Jamie Barr

    Jayan Goldsworthy

    Josh Dutton

    Kobe Stackhouse

    Nic Hampton

    Ryan Pringle

    Sam Harris

    Scott Janett

    Thomas Owens

    Will Patchett

    Zack Waite

  • BLUE Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 3-4.30 (Max 10 spaces)

    Aaryan Thakur

    Caleb Blake

    Henry Smith

    Lachy Rountree

    Max Sergel-Stringer

    Maynard Walker

    Monty Joseph

    Tom Dry

    Tom Pitcaithly

    Uday Daroch

Year 5 Girls

  • Girls Y5-8 Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 1.30-3

    Addison Stackhouse

    Aine Molony

    Beth Heywood

Year 6 Girls

  • Girls Y5-8 Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 1.30-3

    Bella Reddecliffe

    Hester Lukey

    Lucy Campbell

    Rebecca Stanley

Year 7 Girls

  • Girls Y5-8 Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 1.30-3

    Abby McKissock

    Abigail Hotton

    Alysia Ono

    Bella Spear

    Ella Gibson

    Estella Wallace

    Hanna Smith

    Hannah Mackay

    Hannah Orsbourn

    Hannah Stanley

    Jemma Burrowes

    Kelly Hodder

    Millie Shanahan

    Molly Stagg

    Sophie Berry

Year 8 Girls

  • Girls Y5-8 Sun 21/8 for 6 wks 1.30-3

    Bethany Fox

    Ella Stewart

    Ellie Withers

    Joey Hull

    Olivia Sidwell

If you have completed a nomination your name does not appear in the table please contact Barry Hazeldine by email or phone 356 1991.