Girls Yr 4/5 Super 8's

Girls Yr 4/5 Super 8's Grade Conditions 

This is a Website Summary . The Full Conditions and score sheets should be copied by each team from the web links on the Overview page in the Competitions section.

Grade Manager - Mike Dunlop - Phone: 021969299 email: 

Coaches of teams in this grade should email the grade manager your contact information so that they can be in contact with you during the season if needed. 


  • Guaranteed Participation - As with all our grades the development of the player and enjoyment of the game are seen as more important than the result. All players will bat, bowl and wicket keep in ever match.
  • Fun, with an emphasis on cricket skills development- batting,
    bowling, wicket keeping and fielding

Grade Objective

This grade is primarily for girl’s in school years 4 and 5 but can include year 6 girls depending on experience and ability. It is the stepping stone into the more traditional leather ball format.

A dispensation can be given by the Grade Manager or CJCA Manager for girls of a higher school year if it is deemed more appropriate. This is based on experience and/or skill level and/or other relevant factors that should be taken into consideration e.g. size/disability. Girls who are eligible for Super 8’s but who demonstrate skill and ability to play in a higher grade should be actively encouraged to play in that grade.

Coaches can refer to the Grade Manager for assistance in placing girls in the most appropriate grade.

Changes for this season
Max Zone in the V from the batter, through the end exclusion cones at the bowlers end and to the boundary
Max 10 mins in between innings and preferably shorter as there are three changes of innings

Playing Conditions Summary

  • Players primarily Years 4 and 5 (but see possible dispensation above)
  • Start at 9.00 AM
  • Games take approx 2.5 hours
  • 8-a-side
  • 16m pitch
  • Junior size softer Incrediball used
  • Each team has two batting innings of 10 overs each
  • All bowling from one end. All must bowl 2 overs before anyone bowls a third. Max 8m run up
  • Add one run to the score for a wide or no ball, plus any runs scored from the tee
  • Bat in pairs for 5 overs per pair, facing similar number of balls
  • Max batting zone with double runs
  • Fielding exclusion zone. No fielder can be within 10m of the bowlers stumps until the ball is struck (except for the bowler)
  • Agreed natural boundaries

    Fielding Exclusion Zone

         Batting MAX Zone